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Innovative SEE Project Empowers Students to Utilise ChatGPT in Job Search

By Rebecca Foreman | August 25, 2023

In a ground-breaking initiative aimed at supporting jobseekers, Navitas Skilled Futures (NSF) has launched a project to help prepare and equip participants in the SEE (Skills for Education and Employment) program with the latest digital tools that enables them to secure sustainable long-term employment.

At the forefront of technological advancements, NSF is revolutionising the job application process by empowering students to utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically ChatGPT, to support and enhance their job-seeking activities.

The SEE program caters to individuals seeking employment and often requiring support in foundational language, literacy, and numeracy skills. For this innovative project, 24 participants ranging in age from their 30s to early 60s were assigned to develop their skills using ChatGPT to create effective cover letters and resumes for job applications.

Over the course of three modules spanning seven hours, participants received comprehensive training in leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities to improve their written communication. The program focused on honing their skills in FSKWTG006: Write simple workplace communication and FSKOCM003: Participate in familiar spoken interactions at work.

The outcomes of the project were resoundingly positive, with participants demonstrating increased confidence in using AI throughout their job search activities. In fact, 92% of participants reported feeling more confident in applying for jobs due to the support offered by the AI platform.

According to survey data, 100% of participants found ChatGPT to be a valuable tool for checking grammar and language usage in their resumes. Additionally, 75% expressed confidence in generating cover letters independently and using ChatGPT to ensure correct language usage before seeking support from their trainers. Furthermore, 100% of participants recognised AI as an excellent resource for interview preparation.

Approximately 92% of participants expressed enhanced confidence in the job application process as a direct result of having access to AI tools for support, and every participant expressed a desire for the integration of AI tools into the SEE program, recognising their potential for transforming the job search experience.

Photo: SEE Student Naila Siddiqui

One SEE student, Naila Siddiqui, shared her experience with the project after she enrolled in the program to refresh her digital knowledge and explore the latest developments in AI. She explains, “My goals were to prepare myself for job applications, increase my confidence level, get ready for job interviews and to update my resume and cover letter.”

Naila is actively looking for jobs within office administration and currently uses websites like SEEK, while keeping an active eye out for job opportunities. “The job search process has been a bit challenging for me because I am looking for something near my suburb and part time, considering I have a 9-year-old child. Finding something suitable has been a bit difficult.”

She credited the AI course within the SEE program as most beneficial in enabling her to utilise ChatGPT to effectively modify her resume and cover letter. The course provided valuable guidance on interview preparation, improved her spelling and sentence formation, and sparked her creativity in letter writing. 

Naila expressed gratitude for the SEE program, as it revitalised her digital skills and motivated her to take proactive steps in her job search. She said the course had been instrumental in redeveloping her digital skills, which she had not used since raising a family. 

“[This course] has taught me how to write formal emails and tailored cover letters for specific job applications and it has motivated me to move forward,” says Naila Siddiqui.

While Naila continues her search for a suitable position, she remains inspired by the SEE program’s impact on her digital skills, and now eagerly seeks further opportunities to participate in digital courses. She also expressed interest in refreshing her MYOB skills, demonstrating her determination to stay current and adaptable in an evolving job market.

The success of the project and the positive feedback from participants like Naila reaffirm the transformative potential of AI tools like ChatGPT in empowering jobseekers to navigate the complexities of the job application process with confidence and competence.

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