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Specialist Courses

Tailored training over a period of one to two weeks

Short English courses

Our specialist courses offer tailored training over a period of one to two weeks. These are courses that have been developed to help clients improve their English in more specific areas and take place outside of term times. 

This is a perfect way to gain additional English skills that are specific to a single topic, such as driving, swimming, citizenship and more. Short courses can also improve your English in preparation for work in a variety of industries, including the construction, health or food industry. 

Our courses cover specialist topics or skills that allow students to grow their English language skills in an area that they may be struggling with or to help them gain important skills that will help them to settle into life in Australia. 

Some examples of short courses include: 

  • English for Driving 
  • English for Art 
  • English for Swimming 
  • Grammar and Google Apps 
  • Speaking and Pronunciation 
  • Improve Your Listening 
  • Conversation for High-Level Learners 
  • English and Sewing 
  • Communication at Work 
  • Writing a Resume 
  • IELTS Preparation 
  • Study Skills 
  • Grammar Workout 
  • Telephone Skills 
  • English for the Beauty Industry 
  • Civics and Citizenship 

For more information about these courses, reach out to us by the contact form or call us at  1300 798 111

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