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Pathway Guidance

When you study with Navitas Skilled Futures, you can also talk to one of our Pathway Guidance Advisers.

Someone to talk to

We understand that everybody’s learning journey is different, so when you study in the AMEP with Navitas Skilled Futures you have the support of one of our Pathway Guidance Advisers. 

Your Pathway Guidance Advisors support your learning and any other emotional, personal and practical problems you have when you are studying. 

They offer the following support: 

  • Developing your long-term and short-term goals 
  • Helping you find employment and education options 
  • Learning skills for everyday work situations 
  • Course planning and study pathways 
  • Translation support 
  • Referral to other support services 
  • Support with job applications 
  • Recommend additional programs and courses 
  • Group training and workshops  

To find out more, kindly call us at 1300 798 111 or email at