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Instantly book your participants assessment here.

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Use this system to book a pre-training or initial assessment for your participant.

After booking online, your assessment will be confirmed by one of our team.

How to book online

Using the simple booking system above makes organising an appointment with us easy. Follow the steps below, or in this flyer, if you need guidance at any point in the booking process.

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Step 1:

Select your preferred location

Step 2:

Select the service you wish to book

Step 3:

Select your preferred staff member or if you don’t mind select ‘No preference’

Step 4:

Select your preferred date and time of the appointment. Days with green dots have times available

Step 5:

Enter your details for the booking and confirm in the right column the booking details are correct

Step 6:

You booking is complete.

You will be contacted by one of our team to confirm the booking with you