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Student Stories

Learn more about the people who study with us, and how they learned new skills to live their best life in Australia.

We measure the success of our programs through the successes achieved by our students. Our students continue to amaze us with their achievements in different walks of life.

Learn more about the people who study with us, and how we give you the skills to live your best life in Australia.

IELTS - Student

Hongyu Meng

IELTS Preparatory Short Course
Navitas Skilled Futures Canberra

I still remember that day, I participated in the IELTS course. The day before that day, I could not open my mouth, even a simple English sentence,I could only relieve my tension and embarrassment by smiling or apologising.

Luckily, this embarrassing situation has changed because of the help of the teacher Sam. Sam, who is a warm-hearted and responsible teacher, encouraged all my classmates to express their opinions in English, even though we could only respond with some simple words. Sam listened to our answers patiently. Gradually, we were willing to express ourselves in Sam’s class.

Under the help of Sam,I got improvement in my writing part and speaking part. I know there is a long way to go in my English, and I will spend more time learning English.

I appreciated teacher Sam and Navitas for their help. If you want to improve your IELTS level, you must not miss the IELTS course of Navitas.







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Lina Mrad

AMEP and Pathways to Work
Navitas Skilled Futures Bankstown

“After completing the AMEP at Bankstown I had my sights set on the PtW course in office administration. Taking this course was one of the best decisions I ever made and prepared me with everything I need to know to enter the Australian workplace.

“I had the opportunity to do a work placement in real estate and I discovered that this is the field that I want to work in. Now I have local experience on my resume which will put me a step ahead as I pursue my new career path.”

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Navitas Skilled Futures Bankstown

“When I started to learn English at Navitas Skilled Futures I didn’t know anything about the language. However, after just a few weeks I was able to understand lots of words and phrases and as I improved I managed to regain my independence and find my place in Australian society.

“I am now able to go to the hospital, local council and job provider without any assistance or translation. This is all thanks to the amazing staff at Navitas Skilled Futures who all made me feel like I was at home.”

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Thuy Le

Navitas Skilled Futures Cabramatta

“When I arrived in Australia with my two young sons I was confused and worried because I did not understand English at all.

“After studying the AMEP I am now confident enough communicating in English that I have been able to find work at a farm. I am excited to learn more with Navitas Skilled Futures and open up better work opportunities in the future!”

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SEE program
Navitas Skilled Futures Cabramatta

“I studied SEE online and was really impressed with the tailored lessons and feedback from my trainer.

“My trainer helped me to tailor my resume to match my needs and job descriptions and as a result I was able to gain employment with Westpac.

“I highly recommend the program to anyone looking to improve their language and digital skills for work!”

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Sandy Kurdi

AMEP and Pathways to Work
Navitas Skilled Futures Bankstown

“I had three years of experience in administration at a library back in Lebanon I wanted to gain some local experience in Australia and while studying the AMEP had the chance to take part in the Pathways to Work program which provided me with a work placement at a real estate agent in Bankstown.

“I now have a job offering bi-lingual support to Navitas clients! Choosing Navitas was the best choice I made because it helped me to improve my English and gave me the experience and skills to find a job.”

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SEE program
Navitas Skilled Futures Liverpool

“I want to work as a beauty therapist and so far the SEE program is providing me with the language, numeracy and digital skills to pursue the Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy and get a better job in Australia.

“I’m so thankful for my teacher because not only is she a great teacher but she’s also a very lovely person. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to further their studies and explore a new career. It’s given me the chance to find out what I want to be.”

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AMEP and SEE program
Navitas Skilled Futures Cabramatta

“When I first arrived in Australia it was hard for me to settle because I have to learn a new language, make new friends and integrate into a new environment.

“I started at Navitas Skilled Futures to improve my language skills but I also had the opportunity to take a course to help me find work in hospitality. As part of the course I completed a work placement at a hotel where the manager offered me a job.

“Thank you Navitas Skilled Futures for allowing me to lay the foundations for my life in Australia and helping me to start my career.”

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Sami Askr

AMEP and SEE program
Navitas Skilled Futures Fairfield

“I completed the AMEP before starting the SEE program IN 2018. I always remember my teacher saying to me ‘practice talking, don’t be shy, you can do it’ and now I have a job in a coffee shop where I can practise all of the time.

“Once you start working you realise how important the SEE program is in preparing you for the different workplaces, workplace language and digital skills. Thank you Navitas Skilled Futures!”

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Navitas Skilled Futures Bankstown

I have a bachelor degree in science, majoring in chemistry and was a teacher for more than 10 years back in Lebanon.

“I started the AMEP to improve my English to help me transfer my experience to settle in Australia and its one of the best things I have ever done.

“I have built wonderful friendships with many students and staff- thank you to all of the team!”

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Behzad Behinaein Hamgini

SEE program
Navitas Skilled Futures Paramatta

“I chose to study at Navitas Skilled Futures because it offered both English and work skills. I am a driver for children with disabilities and was able to study the SEE program online.

“The digital skills I learn have been extremely useful for my job and I can now use the computer to check invoices and send emails.”

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Hanaa Gerges

Navitas Skilled Futures Fairfield

Hanaa completed a Pathways to Work (PtW) Customer Service course in Navitas Fairfield in 2017 and has also completed her Level 3 AMEP studies at Bankstown.
Hanaa was successful in finding employment as a Customer Service Officer in 2019.

In May, Hanaa began volunteering at Bankstown college in the front office, doing tasks such as filing, assisting clients, and other admin duties.

Hanaa has worked as a receptionist and translator for the Embassy of Zimbabwe in Egypt, and as secretary to the ambassador of Egypt. With her qualifications and experience she has found it difficult to secure employment in Australia, with employers deeming her ‘over qualified’. Hanaa impressed us so much, we decided to offer her paid employment as a Bilingual Support Assistant, where she will assist AMEP Trainers and fulfil her passion for helping people in need.

Hanaa was successful in finding employment as a Customer Service Officer in 2019. We’re very proud of her achievements, and wish her the very best.

Photo of man in front of painting

Atef Alabbodi

Navitas Skilled Futures Liverpool

Atef Alabbodi, a skilled artist migrated to Australia in 2012 with his wife and children. Since moving to Australia, he has collected numerous art awards for his talented work.



Atef Alabbodi was born in Iraq. He and his family left Iraq for Syria where they lived for several years, before migrating to Australia in 2012. Soon after his arrival, he commenced his study in English as part of the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) at Navitas Skilled Futures Liverpool. Once he completed his 510 hours, he moved into the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program.

While Atef Alabbodi admits it took some time to settle into Australia, he immediately fell in love with the Australian weather and natural environment: “when I came to Australia, I liked the nature and the weather very much. At first I felt that I was in a new place, with new people and it was different, but now I know it’s a safe place and there are many friendly people.”

Atef Alabbodi has a Fine Arts Degree from a university in Iraq and is a practising artist. He joined an artist group at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, when he first moved to Australia. Since his arrival, he has received numerous art awards, including first prize in a prestigious Liverpool Council art competition, and second prize in a national refugee art competition. He said he felt lucky to win the Liverpool Council art competition: “It was a wonderful experience when I saw my pictures had received a prize. There were about 200 artists in the show and I felt so lucky to win.”

Atef Alabbodi’s goal for the future is to find a job in Graphic Design where he can utilise his talents and continue to draw the Australian landscape and live a life of peace and freedom with his family.

“My life has changed a lot since I came to Australia and I am so grateful.”

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Shalaa Shakir

SEE program
Navitas Skilled Futures Liverpool

I entered the SEE program with Navitas Skilled Futures to maximise my employability skills and increase my confidence communicating in English to help me achieve my goal of working in social care.

I have since founded the Hymiana Mandaean Social Group to provide a safe hub and support circle for Mandaeans living in Australia including the eldery, single mothers, those experiencing PTSD, social isolation and disabilities.”- Shalaa Shakir, SEE Program at Navitas Skilled Futures Liverpool.