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Frequently Asked Questions


Common Student Questions

What is the AMEP?

What is the SEE program?

What is PBA contribution?

How do I join a specialist course?

Are classes face to face or online?

Do you provide free Childcare?

Will your courses help with confidence in writing and speaking in English?

I need to apply for a job but need to improve my business and English skills. Is there a course for me?

Does Navitas Skilled Futures offer life coaching?

Does Navitas Skilled Futures supply Chromebooks or computers?

Is it difficult to get jobs in Australia?

Is it hard to learn English?

Does Navitas Skilled Futures work with employers?

AMEP Questions

Am I eligible for the AMEP? Is the Visa I’m currently on eligible?

How do we enrol for AMEP? What documents do we need to bring?

Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Questions

Do I qualify for SEE?