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Common Student Questions

AMEP is the Adult Migrant English Program aimed at supporting migrants and refugees on their settlement journey, to make the most of living in Australia. To do so, we teach English, work and digital skills and offer a safe community to improve or learn new skills to enter into the Australian workplace. It’s free to students, and fully funded by the Australian Federal Government.

The Skills for Education and Employment program gives you the skills and support you need to prepare for work or further study. This free program gives you job-related training in language, literacy, numeracy and digital skills.

PBA stands for Points Based Activation System from Workforce Australia. It allows you to earn points towards your mutual obligation requirements. The points system recognises tasks and activities that help you find a job. Each task or activity you can do is worth a certain number of points in alignment with the weekly hours.

For example our programs contribute:

  • AMEP – 25 points per week for over 15 contact hours
  • AMEP – 15 points per week for less than 15 contact hours
  • SEE – 25 points per week

Yes. The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) is a Commonwealth Government funded initiative that helps eligible migrants and refugees learn English. Navitas Skilled Futures has been teaching English for over 30 years. Many of our staff members are multilingual and are available to help students at all levels of English proficiency. For those not eligible for the AMEP, we do also offer Foundation Skills For Your Future to learn English, numeracy, digital and workplace skills.

We have a range of short courses offering tailored training over a period of one-two weeks. Our courses cover specialist topics or skills that allow students to grow their English language skills in an area that they may be struggling with or to help them gain important skills that will help them to settle into life in Australia. For more information and to join please email us at or call us at 1300 798 111.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, we are slowly opening up for face-to-face classes however it does vary between colleges. Please call 1300 798 111 for more information.

Yes, we do offer free childcare if you are enrolled in our Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) and have children aged under six, we have safe, friendly places to care for your children. We work with a childcare company called KU Children’s Services to offer you free* childcare while you study with Navitas Skilled Futures.

*Eligibility criteria apply.

Yes, our courses focus on the areas that you need to learn and develop your skills in. You not only learn how to communicate in English, but we also give you all the tools you will need in order to succeed in your life in Australia. With all the skills you need and the support that we offer, your confidence will grow.

If you have/are completing our AMEP, you are eligible for our Pathways to Work program. This program gives you everything you need from resume writing and interview preparation to industry specific training and work experience.

Navitas Skilled Futures offers Pathway guidance which is a support program to help you during your learning journey. Our advisors can help with setting long and short term goals, course planning, referrals and group training workshops, along with a host of other emotional and practical support.

Navitas Skilled Futures campuses offers access to leading and popular technology such as Chromebooks, iPads, Virtual reality headsets and other commonly used technology. We offer classes and group learning sessions to help anyone learn on these machines to ensure that you’re ready for the work place. Find out more about learning with technology here.

Navitas Skilled Futures up-skills our students so that they have sufficient knowledge, experience and language skills to enter into the Australian job market. Depending on the industry you’re interested in, Navitas Skilled Futures also offers a work placement program to assist students with getting started on their careers in Australia.

Learning any new language can be hard. However, Navitas Skilled Futures AMEP takes this into account and has the tools and programs to make learning English as easy as possible for you. We offer bilingual services to help you learn English faster. Many of the Navitas Skilled Futures employees are bilingual and can speak; Mandarin, Arabic, Vietnamese, Farsi, Khmer, Cantonese & Dari. Learn more about our bilingual support here.

We do work with employers through a number of programs. We currently have multiple employers working with us to upskill their workers and benefit in a range of ways including work placements. These programs include Foundation Skills For Your Future and Pathways to Work.

AMEP Questions

The AMEP is available to migrants with a permanent visa or an eligible temporary visa, as well as Australian citizens who previously held a permanent visa or an eligible temporary visa.

You can register online today, and a member of our team will be in touch to provide you with further information. Alternatively, call your local college to find out more. When you come to see us at your local Navitas Skilled Futures College, remember to bring your passport, visa or travel documents so we can check your eligibility and options.

Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Questions

The Skills for Education and Employment program is open to people aged 15 years to pension age who are currently unemployed and looking for work. To be eligible you must be an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or have working rights in Australia. If you have an Employment Service Provider (ESP), you can be referred by them to the SEE program or if you are not linked to an ESP but are looking for work you can refer directly to Navitas Skilled Futures by calling us or filling out the webform.

*** (Note: you are not eligible for the SEE Program if you are a current holder of either a Skilled Migrant Visa or a secondary visa holder of a person who holds a Skilled Migrant Visa (dependent))