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Claire on the right career path thanks to EST program

By Fiona West | February 17, 2023

When Claire Woods’ employment consultant referred her to the Employability Skills Training (EST) program at Navitas Skilled Futures she was hesitant, thinking it wouldn’t be right for her.

But by week three of the five-week course at Whyalla, SA, she knew, “This is what I needed.”

With previous training in beauty, nursing, business and IT, it has taken some time for Claire to determine her path.

The 30-year-old, who has an equal passion for fashion and information technology, finally decided she would pursue a future career in IT, planning to get a job in retail while she saved to study and eventually move to the city.

But she said making that happen was easier said than done.

“Before doing this EST course, I wasn’t happy with my resume or cover letter and was constantly changing and over engineering it to suit my high expectations, which continually set me up for failure time and time again,” Claire said.

She didn’t realise how much a course like the EST could help her address this.

“In reality I wasn’t showing my employability skills and using simple key words to show my skillset,” Claire said.

“I look at my resume and cover letter now and only change it to the industry I want to work in.

“I am looking for retail jobs, for my love of fashion, accessories and being able to help customers in their apparel choices, but also to help me save to move away from Whyalla in the near future hopefully.”

Claire, who currently volunteers as a sales assistant at a Salvos Store, said she was also casting her net wider to IT businesses that might allow her to learn on the job while she undertakes training towards a Certificate III in IT.

She said the EST program, delivered three days a week over five weeks in a class of 10, not only set her on the right path, it earned her a new certification (Certificate I in Employability Skills: Becoming a Worker), and it showed her how to effectively research industry specific qualifications and jobs, prepare for interviews and, most importantly, give her the confidence to “go for it”.

“I personally found it very helpful to be able to collaborate in a group of 8-10 people, but also to be able to give and receive feedback from both the group attendees and the lecturer/teacher in identifying our strengths, weaknesses and key skills we didn’t know or have in our resume,” Claire said.

“The course helped immensely in building confidence in going to interviews – face-to-face, virtual and phone interviews, and I have learnt to develop the skills of creating an elevator pitch to apply in being able to network with people who are in the industry or even in general day use.

“I feel like I have now gained the knowledge, confidence, and skills to push myself out of my comfort zone and pursue my dream job.

“I highly recommend everyone to do this program to get back into the workforce.”

The Employability Skills Training (EST) program is funded by the Australian Government.

For more information about the EST Program at Navitas Skilled Futures see: Employability Skills Training Program

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