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Employability Skills Training (EST)

Get job ready with intensive pre-employment training that will help you improve your resume and interview skills and search for the right job.

What is the EST Program ?

The Employability Skills Training (EST) program is designed to help you become job ready through intensive pre-employment training.


Learn job-search skills, practise interviewing and refine your resume – targeting your chosen career – in this 3 or 5-week program.

As the workforce continues to evolve, job searches and recruitment processes have become more complicated. From finding the right place to look for jobs, to online applications, right through to the interview process; it can feel intimidating and complicated. That’s where the Employability Skills Training (EST) program can help you.

This program has been created to help you understand the expectations of employers in both the recruitment process and as a new employee in the workplace.

There are two types of EST courses available, generalised and specialised, with each focusing on building specific skills sets within your chosen field of employment.

The courses are full time (25 hours per week for 3 weeks) or part-time (15-hours per week for 5 weeks), and can be delivered online or face-to-face.

This program will help you to build your skills and put you in a strong position to secure a job. 

Find out more about the program from our course flyer.

Are you eligible?

If you are a job seeker aged 15 or over, you are eligible to join an Employability Skills Training (EST) course if you are participating in one of the following:

  • Digital Services, Workforce Australia Services or Yarrabah Employment Services, and either in receipt of income support payments that are subject to Mutual Obligation Requirements, or Disability Support Pension and has compulsory requirements
  • Transition to Work (TtW) 
  • Disability Employment Services (DES) in the employment assistance phase. 

Importantly, you can self refer if you are participating in one of the above services, or you can be referred to us by your Employment Services Provider.

If you are not registered with any of the above services, you can talk to Services Australia

In addition, If you do not meet the above eligibility requirements, visit here for find out more about our Invest In You offerings.

Ongoing Support

You can enrol in the Employability Skills Training (EST) program for as long as you like, until you feel confident in your skills in writing job applications and attending interviews.

Complete our Contact form (on the right) to find out more about the program.

What you will learn

The EST program has 2 Training Blocks.

Training Block 1 focuses on workplace skills and knowledge, and developing IT, problem solving and communication skills to meet the expectations of employers. You will learn how to:

  • use a variety of techniques and strategies to seek and apply for work;  
  • understand employer expectations;  
  • prepare a resume and job application;
  • prepare for a face-to-face and virtual job interview; 
  • apply specific workplace skills, including communication, planning, organising, problem solving, and decision making. 

Training Block 2 will help you develop your resume and improve interview techniques, focusing on job preparation and job-hunting skills. These include:

  • techniques and strategies to seek and apply for work in your chosen industry; 
  • understanding the duties, requirements, career prospects and employer expectations of the industry; 
  • tailoring a resume and job application to your particular industry;  
  • preparing for a face-to-face and virtual job interview for your industry; and
  • using technology relevant to entry-level employment opportunities for your chosen industry.  

This course will also give you the opportunity to participate in Industry Awareness Experiences. These experiences will provide you with an insight into the tasks and duties of different industries.

Where is the program available?

Starting 1 July 2022, this program will be offered in the areas of:

  • Sydney Greater West and the Illawarra
  • Brisbane South East
  • South Australia

How to enrol

If you would like to participate in EST, talk to your Workforce Australia provider. If you are not currently registered with Workforce Australia, you can find a local provider here.

Email us at or call us at 02 9749 3330 for more details about the program. 

The Employability Skills Training (EST) program is funded by the Australian Government.


Find out if you are eligible

Visit Workforce Australia Provider

Your provider will refer you to a Navitas Skilled Futures college

Workforce Australia Online Participant? Self Refer

Workforce Australia Online participants can self-refer within your Workforce Australia profile from 1 July 2022.


You will be enrolled in the Employability Skills Training Program

The EST Service Guarantee reflects the Australian Government’s expectations of EST providers and participants. 

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Intake for this program starts 1 July 2022. Let us know you’re interested!

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