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Success and Integration: Zeinab’s Skills Journey

By Barry de Silva | April 29, 2024

When Zeinab arrived in Australia in 2023, her goals were clear: improve her English, make new friends, and transition her career in psychology and education into the Australian context. Thanks to her enrolment in Navitas Skilled Futures, she has not only achieved these goals but has excelled beyond expectations. 

Originally from Iran, Zeinab holds a Master’s degree in General Psychology from Payame Noor University and has a rich background as an educator for children with special needs.  

Zeinab, AMEP student sitting at a cafe

Upon her arrival in Australia, Zeinab sought an institution that could help her swiftly improve her integration into her local community.

“When I came to Australia, I was looking for an organisation where I could learn English,” Zeinab said. 

It wasn’t long before a teacher recommended Navitas, suggesting it as an effective starting point for her Australian education journey.  

Zeinab’s experience at Navitas was transformative. After enrolling in the Australian Government funded Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), Zeinab progressed onto the Pathways to Work in Early Childhood program, a part of AMEP under Settlement Language Pathways to Employment and Training (SLPET). The Pathways to Work program provided Zeinab with employment focused classroom tuition that specifically related to the Early Childhood sector, and equipped her with critical skills, such as resume writing, job interview techniques, and job search strategies, tailored specifically to her career in childcare.  

Zeinab, AMEP student standing in the Navitas Skilled Futures classroom

“Since I used to be a teacher and worked with children, this course was very useful for me, and I was able to find a job quickly,” she said, thanking her teachers for their guidance. 

More than just career advancement, Zeinab’s time at Navitas enriched her social life.

“I made great friends at Navitas. They are very supportive and kind. Finding friends from different countries is one of my best experiences in Australia. This is such a wonderful country with unique cultural and religious diversity. I enjoy participating in the celebrations of different nationalities and it is very interesting for me.” 

Zeinab, Adult Migrant English Program

Zeinab also expressed special gratitude to teachers like Gulshan and Emile, who made the classes not only educational but also joyous.

“The class atmosphere was very friendly, positive and happy. I really enjoyed participating in the classes. Teachers teach with enthusiasm and support students whenever they need help. I am very grateful to my teacher Mr. Rudy; when he found out that I was a teacher in Iran during registration, they guided me to enrol in the childcare course. With the teachers’ guidance and the resume they wrote for me, I was able to find a job very quickly.” 

Today, Zeinab continues to thrive, pursuing further studies while working full-time in childcare, a role that brings her immense joy.

“I really love children. They are angels. I am very satisfied and enjoy my work,”

For those new to Australia, Zeinab offers some heartfelt advice, drawing from her own positive experiences in the AMEP:

“I advise those who just came to Australia not to be afraid to start again and definitely come to Navitas and participate in training courses according to their interest and skills. Registering with Navitas was the beginning of all good things in Australia for me,” she said, proudly declaring herself a member of the “big Navitas family.”

Zeinab, Adult Migrant English Program

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