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Oranan’s Australian Dream: A Transition from Thai film sets to Sydney’s bakery scene

By Emma Prineas | February 29, 2024

Oranan’s journey from Thailand to Australia is all about her determination, passion, and the pursuit of long-held dreams. Oranan moved to Sydney in December 2021, motivated by the opportunity to improve her English and the entrepreneurial possibilities that Australia offered.

AMEP Student - Oranan

She was also drawn by the country’s vibrant photography and filming locations. Having worked in the Thai film industry, Oranan’s love for capturing moments and creating films played a significant role in her decision to relocate. However, her aspirations extended beyond her artistic pursuits, as she was keen to start her own business.

Upon her arrival in Australia, Oranan sought to enhance her English language skills to better navigate her new environment and lay the groundwork for her business aspirations. She enrolled in the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), a free service funded by the Australian Government and offered by Navitas Skilled Futures. This decision had a significant impact on her journey.  

“I had heard that Navitas had a very good English course. My favourite part of the AMEP was all the great activities and also meeting new friends,”

Oranan – Adult Migrant English Program

The AMEP, known for its comprehensive approach to language learning, provided Oranan with more than just linguistic skills.

She appreciated the program’s interactive activities, which not only facilitated her language skills but also sparked her creativity in handmade creations. While Oranan had already carved out a career in the movie production industry, working as a production operator for five years, she had other dreams to chase in her new city.

The skills and confidence gained from the AMEP inspired Oranan to turn her long-standing passion for baking into a tangible business. Thus, Cookie.Near.Me was born; starting with cookies, a nod to her love for baking since her university days in Thailand.  Oranan plans to expand her product range, embodying her entrepreneurial spirit and her desire to bring joy through her baked goods. 

“The teaching and activities in the AMEP went a long way to improving my English and also made me realise I could move forward with my business plans in Sydney,”

Oranan – Adult Migrant English Program

“What sets my cookies apart from other cookies? They are soft and delicious – and they look like ice-cream! I started by baking for work colleagues and then started selling to them, so through my training with the AMEP I got the confidence to start Cookie.Near.Me,” Oranan says.

Looking towards the future, Oranan hopes to expand her business and fulfill her entrepreneurial dreams. To those new to Australia, Oranan offers sage advice:  

“Embrace the differences, don’t panic, and enjoy life in this beautiful country,” she says.

For anyone interested in following Oranan’s business, her Instagram handle is

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