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No barriers to IELTS at Navitas Skilled Futures

By Fiona West | February 18, 2022

Hongyu Meng could not speak a full English sentence when she arrived at Navitas Skilled Futures for the IELTS Preparatory Short Course.

Ten weeks later her writing and speaking has improved – along with her confidence – and she is happily working her way towards sitting the IELTS exam, and enrolling at university.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an English language test that provides opportunities for further study or work. But for some people, the thought of sitting a test can be daunting – and many don’t know where to start.

Navitas Skilled Futures has been helping migrants, refugees and jobseekers live their best lives in Australia for more than 30 years, and its IELTS Preparatory Short Course is designed to help every person achieve personal success.

The IELTS Preparatory Short Course is free to eligible participants and open to people at all levels, all year round. Offered face-to-face or online, the course helps with a range of skills, including:

  • understanding the format of the IELTS test;
  • tips to help prepare for the IELTS test;
  • speaking, listening and reading skills;
  • writing formal academic texts; and
  • practise for IELTS tests using sample questions.

Unlike other paid courses, online workshops and recorded tutorials, the free Navitas Skilled Futures IELTS Preparatory Short Course is run in real time by experienced tutors who offer personalised care and understand individual needs. There is no pressure or time limit, with participants able to study as long as they like until they feel confident and comfortable to take the next step.

Hongyu, 31, originally from China, said she was so grateful to her teacher, Sam, who put everyone at ease and enabled the whole class to improve in a supportive setting.

“Before the course I could not open my mouth – even a simple English sentence,” Hongyu said. “I could only relieve my tension and embarrassment by smiling or apologising.”

“But Sam, who is a warm-hearted and responsible teacher, encouraged all my classmates to express their opinions in English, even though we could only respond with some simple words. Sam listened to our answers patiently. Gradually, we were willing to express ourselves … and under the help of Sam I got improvement in my writing part and speaking part!”

Hongyu is continuing with the course at Navitas Skilled Futures and is growing in confidence to sit the IELTS exam so that she can attend university.

The Navitas Skilled Futures IELTS Preparatory Short Course has the same eligibility criteria as the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), available to migrants with a permanent visa or an eligible temporary visa, as well as Australian citizens who previously held a permanent visa or an eligible temporary visa.

Navitas Skilled Futures General Manager, Jetinder Macfarlane, says at Navitas Skilled Futures, students are supported every step of the way.

“We have created tailored programs to meet our students’ individual needs, and go above and beyond  to support them on their learning journey,” Jetinder said.

“We can provide further support for your life goals, such as making referrals for citizenship or visa applications, helping you understand the Australian workplace or university culture, and preparing you for both academic and job interviews.

“Choosing Navitas Skilled Futures for our IELTS preparation means you will receive in-depth, in-person, personalised support and the confidence to achieve your study and work goals and live your best life.”

The IELTS Preparatory Course is commencing at Bankstown on April 4 and is also currently being run online at Canberra, so participants can join from anywhere, any time. For more information see

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