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Karima’s story in Who Magazine

By Fiona West | November 30, 2022

It’s been a bittersweet time for Dr Karima Hamed Faryabi since arriving in Australia in August last year, rushed out of Kabul for her, and her children’s, safety.

After an initial period of shock and intense concern for her extended family and friends still in Afghanistan, the former politician and medical doctor has settled in Canberra, improved her academic English at Navitas Skilled Futures, and is on the path to training for future work as a general practitioner in Australia. Her children are at school and enjoying their newfound freedom and Karima has given back to the community by volunteering at her son’s school, as well as using her English skills to translate and fill out applications for other Afghans.

She also continues to advocate for female equality and hopes her story serves to remind others that there are women like her living in Afghanistan who have had all their freedoms removed under Taliban rule, and many people being targeted and killed every day. Karima recently shared this story, called ‘My Fight for Freedom’ with Who magazine, which you can read below:

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