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Handyman Idwer worked hard for own business

By Fiona West | November 4, 2022
Father-of-three Idwer Shosnde, with daughter Sarah on Sydney Harbour.

In his homeland of Iraq Idwer Shosnde was a successful handyman, doing “everything” from electrical and air-conditioning work to painting, plastering and repairs.

When the father of three came to Australia from Lebanon on a humanitarian visa in 2019 he wanted to use his skills but he realised he first needed to learn English, then get some qualifications to allow him to work.

Through hard work, determination and the help of Navitas Skilled Futures Liverpool, Idwer now has his own handyman business in Australia, with plans to grow it in the future, and hopefully welcome his teenage son into the business.

“When I came to Australia I understood just 10 or 11 letters in English, nothing else,” Idwer recalled.

“I arrived in March and in June I was enrolled in the AMEP at Navitas, in level zero. It was very good for teaching and after about a year I moved to level 1 and improved my language and social skills.

“The skills I learned in the course allowed me to adjust more comfortably with the Australian culture. It also allowed me to pursue personal goals, such as obtaining my learner license, which was a long-time goal of mine.”

Idwer attended the Pathways to Work customer service course in 2020, which included two-weeks’ work experience at Coles in Liverpool: “It was a good job, but for me, I like handyman work because I have the skills to do this.”

Idwer said Navitas gave him the language skills and confidence to enrol at Alpha College for Construction 1 certification. He then got his HR licence and started his own business ‘Call 4 Handyman’, doing all types of work, including renovations, maintenance, repairs, electricals and painting.

Idwer worked hard to start his own handyman business in Australia, learning English, getting work experience and gaining a college qualification.

“In Australia if you don’t have the licence for this job you can’t do it. You can’t do any job like plumber, electrician, construction, even if you have the skills,” Idwer said.

“In other countries where I did this job, like Iraq and Lebanon, it wasn’t important.

“But I have done everything and I am proud to do this. I told my friend who just came here from Lebanon to go to Navitas. It helped me and it will help you too.”

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