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Haijun’s life-changing journey with NSF

By Rebecca Foreman | October 4, 2023

When 40-year-old Haijun Zhu first set foot in Australia from his native Guangzhou, China, he had high hopes of securing a role that matched his skills and qualifications. Little did he know that his job opportunities would seem to vanish into thin air, leaving him disheartened and questioning his own ability to secure employment in Canberra.

“It was a tough time for me,” Haijun recalled. “I never heard back, and it started to hinder my confidence. I wondered if my resume was missing the mark or if I simply wasn’t good enough for the roles I was pursuing.”

The turning point came when a friend introduced him to Navitas Skilled Futures, and that soon became the ticket to success that Haijun needed to transform his situation for the better. 

“Navitas was more than just a place to learn English; it was a vibrant community where people from all corners of the globe came together to encourage and support one another. The organisation not only provided language learning but also the opportunity to connect at career events, offering valuable face-to-face interactions with potential employers.”

Haijun first enrolled in the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP)* in Canberra in November 2022 and straight away found himself making friends with people from around the world. “Getting a chance to meet other people with similar experiences to me was really beneficial. It was like a crash course in multicultural living and it helped me transition into Australian culture,” he shared.

One of the standout aspects of Haijun’s journey with Navitas was the calibre of the instructors. “The teachers at Navitas were truly exceptional,” he said. “They had excellent patience and had a remarkable ability to transform my everyday English into practical workplace communication, which led to my career prospects improving.”

After his time at Navitas, Haijun’s hard work paid off when he landed an administrative position with a prestigious education provider in Canberra, marking a fresh start. With a more predictable work schedule, Haijun had evenings free to continue learning and bridging any knowledge gaps. This cycle of growth further boosted his confidence, turning him into a more effective and valuable employee.

“My time with Navitas was nothing short of transformative,” explained Haijun. “It equipped me with the tools not just to secure a job but also to continue evolving as a person. The skills I acquired not only helped me find a foothold in the job market but also ensured I remained adaptable and ready for any challenges that came my way.”

From a hesitant newcomer, Haijun emerged, in just over 6 months of study with Navitas, as a confident individual ready to take on the opportunities Australia had to offer. Navitas was more than just a stepping stone for his career; it was where he forged lifelong friendships and gained an understanding of his future career goals and potential.

“Navitas guided me through an incredible journey of personal and professional growth,” he reflected, “and for that, I couldn’t be more grateful.” 

Haijun’s story illustrates the transformative power of education and community, proving that even the most challenging beginnings can lead to a promising future.

*Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) is funded by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs

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