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English for Driving: Get on the road with Navitas English and Gymea

By Emma Prineas | August 13, 2021

Navitas English has joined forces with Gymea Community Aid and Information Service to offer a pre-learner course to help participants from resettlement communities get their driver’s license.

The course will help students gain the literacy, numeracy and computer skills they need to prepare for the license tests as well as learning key vocabulary to help them talk about cars and their different parts.

We will also provide practical skills that help drivers on the road including understanding road rules and road safety, and car maintenance. There will also be opportunities to practice the Driver’s Knowledge Test (DKT) and the Hazard Perception Test (HPT).

Our collaborative approach will also include guest speakers and presentations from key government agencies including Service NSW and NSW police.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have access to the Driver Licensing Access Program (DLAP) delivered by Gymea Community Aid and Information Service. This program will fund the DKT and HPT and offer subsidised and supervised driving lessons.

Genevieve Lewis, Stakeholder Engagement Manager at Navitas English, says:

“Learning to drive is such an important part of the settlement journey. Not only does having a driver’s license give you more freedom and independence, it can also open up a world of job opportunities.”

Farzana Farzana, Stakeholder Engagement Manager at Navitas English, adds:

“We are dedicated to doing all we can to support our communities on their settlement journey. We are delighted to be working in collaboration with Gymea Community Aid and Information Service to make sure that resettlement communities are given all of the opportunities they need to be able to live their best life in Australia.”

To register your interest in this course, please call Farzana on 0420 962 034 or Genevieve on 0419 206 763 and quote “English for Driving”.

Notice: On 1 December 2021, Navitas English changed its name to Navitas Skilled Futures. This name change reflects our programs, the focus of our work, and our positive impact on the people we serve. Find out more here.

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