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Customer Service course put Duyen on right path

By Fiona West | December 8, 2022

When Tran Mong Duyen arrived in Australia from Vietnam in October 2021 to marry her husband she was “sad and lonely” and worried about her English and finding work.

Now working in a coffee shop and enjoying her life with new friends in Australia, Duyen says she owes her successful settlement to Navitas Skilled Futures.

“The first time I came to Australia I felt sad and lonely because I don’t have many friends here,” Suyen said. “I was shocked with culture, language and worried about a pathway to my work.”

Duyen enrolled in the AMEP program at Navitas Skilled Futures Cabramatta, where she completed the Pathways to Work program in Customer Service.

“[Today] I feel more comfortable, cheerful and on the top of my achievement, my English has improved day by day and it’s helped me a lot in my job. I can talk to my customers fluently and my working skills are getting much better.”

Duyen said the hardest part about moving to a new country was speaking a different language, and although she learned English in Vietnam, it was overwhelming as a new migrant. Navitas provided a supported environment for her to improve her language skills and gain confidence.

“I think the teachers are very kind and ready to help students if they need help,” Duyen said. “Moreover Navitas have a lot of skill courses to apply in real life. It’s really helpful for students.

“I got a lot of things from Navitas; not only improving my English but also many skills like serving customers, finding jobs and how to answer the interview questions.”

Duyen said the best thing about her new life in Australia was finding a stable job, allowing her to “balance my life here”.

“I am working in Parramatta and I really like my job now,” she said. “I try to earn money to buy house here.

“I think Australia brings to me a lot of chance to improve myself, and helps me be more confident and stronger. I am very grateful.”

Watch the video Duyen created, talking about her experience at Navitas Skilled Futures.

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