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Find out how to access free childcare while you study

If you need childcare when you are studying in the AMEP – please talk to reception or your assessor.

When you are in an AMEP class, free childcare, provided by KU, is available for all children under school age. Free childcare is only provided while you attend an AMEP class. It is not available for activities that are outside of your AMEP class times.

When you are not attending an AMEP class, or if you have finished your classes, you must make your own childcare arrangements. If your child or children will not be attending childcare for a day or more, it is important that you tell us. This is so your childcare booking can be adjusted.

If you miss a lot of AMEP classes, we may cancel your childcare placement. If you return to the AMEP, you can get free childcare again, but there may be a wait for a childcare place to become available.