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SEE Streams 1&2:
English Skills

Entry to English, Digital, and Numeracy Skills for jobseekers with extremely or very low-level LLND skills

What are the SEE Streams 1&2?

Do you want to find a job but lack confidence in your English Language, Literacy, numeracy, or digital (LLND) skills? Navitas Skilled Futures now cater to everyone, no matter what level of English you have.

Stream 1 is designed for participants who previously may not have been eligible for SEE. Stream 2 is designed for participants with slightly higher but still very low levels of LLND skills.

When applying, you will take an assessment. The outcome will determine if you need to join Stream 1 or go directly into Stream 2.

5-step SEE pathway

The Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program has been separated into five streams, taking learners on a pathway from basic LLND skills, through to further education or employment.

What skills do you learn in Streams 1&2?
  • LEARNING SKILLS to follow instructions, participate in learning activities, and participate in learning environment interactions.
  • ORAL COMMUNICATION skills to participate in conversations and transactional exchanges.
  • READING SKILLS for alphabet recognition, reading common signs, and making meaning from simple text, images, and symbols.
  • WRITING SKILLS to copy and correctly form letters of the alphabet, write people’s names, complete forms, and how to use a keyboard.

Find out more

You can now enrol directly in SEE with Navitas Skilled Futures without a referral.

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Or see your Employment Servies Provider if registered with one.

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