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NSF goes wild with SBS & WIRES

Navitas Skilled Futures has partnered with SBS Learn English and WIRES to produce an educational series of videos and worksheets on Australian native wildlife.

See some of the videos below!

Learn about Aussie wildlife – and improve your English!

Would you know what to do if a snake slithered into your garden, or how to protect our endangered koalas?

SBS Learn English, in partnership with Navitas Skilled Futures and WIRES, has released a digital video series designed to help Australian migrants improve their English language skills – with the added bonus of learning how to live with snakes, koalas and other wildlife common to their home environment.

Living with Aussie Wildlife was launched at Navitas Skilled Futures Fairfield on National Endangered Species Day (7 September). Some of the episodes are featured below, with the full series and accompanying worksheets available at SBS Learn English.

A free service across platforms, SBS Learn English was launched in June 2022 as an expansion of the SBS Settlement Guide, helping migrants be more successful in Australia. 

Living With Aussie Wildlife

For the full range of “Living With Aussie Wildlife” videos, visit