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Staff Spotlight: Joergette Medel, CTA Coordinator

By Emma Prineas | July 23, 2021

Joergette Medel, Career Transition Assistance Coordinator

We are delighted to introduce Joergette Medel as Navitas English’s new Career Transition Assistance (CTA) Coordinator.

Joergette joined the business in April bringing with her a wealth of experience in the employment sector where she has spent time in HR, training and employment services.

Self-proclaimed ‘Passion Coach’, Joergette was drawn to Navitas when she saw the opportunity to help change lives by helping clients gain the employability skills they need to take the next steps in their careers.

Joergette says: “The CTA program is about helping mature age job seekers re-enter the workplace with not only the digital skills they need, but also the confidence to pursue a career they had previously felt locked out of.

“The participants we see in this program have often worked in the same industry for much of their life and may suddenly find themselves unemployed and unsure of their next steps. My role is to support these learners and help them to find passion in a new career with better skills and more confidence to pursue this.”

The CTA program has been funded by the Australian Government to help people aged 45 and older become more competitive in their local job market. The 8-week course aims to increase job readiness, by identifying transferable skills and effective targeting of job searches to local industries and available jobs.

“An important part of the CTA is the opportunities it creates in terms of putting participants in touch with employers and local organisations through guest speakers and workplace excursions,” Joergette adds.

“I am always the biggest advocate for the learner , finding what makes them tick and ensuring that they complete the course with a better sense of purpose, and excitement for the future.”

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Notice: On 1 December 2021, Navitas English changed its name to Navitas Skilled Futures. This name change reflects our programs, the focus of our work, and our positive impact on the people we serve. Find out more here.

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