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Welcome to Navitas Skilled Futures

We care about enabling people to live their best life in Australia. We believe everyone should have the skills they need to walk into a better future; a future faced with confidence, hope and progress.

We are trusted by our clients to help transform their lives through our innovative education and employment-focused programs.

We teach a range of skills, including English, digital and work skills, to provide the key to a better future. 

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Supporting you throughout your study

We offer support and wellbeing services to help you settle into your new life in Australia, with teams from a range of cultures, speaking multiple languages. We offer free childcare in a friendly and safe environment, where children aged under six can also learn new skills.  

Some of our programs include work placements to help you get started in the Australian workforce. We use iPads, virtual-reality headsets and other technology in class to increase your confidence with devices and prepare you for the digital world. 

Young people have their own program too, using the latest technology, a mix of activities and a support network of people their own age with the chance to make lifelong friends.


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Become a Volunteer Tutor

Our Volunteer Tutor Scheme is designed to help migrants and refugees who cannot attend our AMEP classes, or who need extra learning support.

Becoming a volunteer tutor means that you’ll have the opportunity to play a key role in supporting people who complete our Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), helping them to develop their English skills and settle into life in Australia.

Anyone can support us as a tutor, even if your first language is not English, and teaching experience is not necessary.

Starting over in a new country is one of the biggest challenges our students face.

To help make your journey a little easier, we’ve put together some guides to key support services from your early days of settlement, Australian slang, public holidays and more.

Navitas Skilled Futures is here to support you, beyond learning English.

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