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Navigating a new chapter: Remi’s success story with AMEP

By Emma Prineas | January 17, 2024

At the age of 30, Remi, originally from Japan, relocated to Canberra, embarking on a new chapter of her life — a journey that would be significantly shaped by her experience with the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) at Navitas Skilled Futures.  

A decade prior, Remi had briefly visited Australia as an exchange student where she met her husband. The couple moved to Japan where they began building their life together. However, the call to Australia persisted, and once they had their first baby, they decided to return in February 2022, with Remi arriving on a partner visa.  

Upon arriving, Remi discovered the AMEP at Navitas Skilled Futures, a program designed to empower migrants and humanitarian entrants by enhancing their language and digital skills. More than just a pathway to education, the AMEP proved to be a lifeline for Remi as she navigated the challenges of settling into a new country while expecting her second child.  

“The AMEP course was great in helping me improve my English and they also offered childcare while I was studying, so that was very helpful.”   

Remi says the program not only facilitated language development but also served as a bridge connecting her with the local community. As Remi learned English, she started feeling more confident connecting with her new country. Speaking English more often boosted her language skills and self-assurance. She credits Navitas for helping her improve her English enough to land a job.

“I really needed to connect with the Australian community, so AMEP was very good for me, giving me a lot of new opportunities to make friends and practice my English”

Remi – AMEP

A standout feature for Remi was the opportunity to interact with fellow learners. “My favourite part of AMEP was meeting other people, and it was a big help for me when I was looking for a job,” she reflects.   

After being a part of the AMEP for a few months, Remi’s journey took a wonderfully unexpected turn when she secured a government job at Access Canberra – a role that she loves. The newfound confidence gained through the AMEP played a pivotal role in her professional success, and Remi feels this is just the beginning of a long and fulfilling career.  

I’m thrilled with my government job, and I know I can progress from here,” Remi happily shares. 

Given that her immediate social circle primarily spoke Japanese, including her husband and parents, the program became an invaluable space to practice and enhance her English skills. The impact reached beyond Remi, as her daughter is now proficient in both English and Japanese.  

Doing AMEP really helped my confidence. If I didn’t do the AMEP course, I wouldn’t have had a chance to really work on my English, because I was in a situation where I was only speaking Japanese at home. So AMEP really helped me get my job,”

Remi – AMEP

Remi believes that immersion is key to language learning. “So I think the best way to learn English is to use English all the time. That’s why I went to Navitas to use my English and it has helped me so much,” Remi says, highlighting the importance of constant exposure and practice.  

In addition to the linguistic strides she made, Remi considers herself fortunate to have gained a diverse network of friends through Navitas. “I also consider myself lucky that through Navitas, I have new friends from Japan, as well as friends from other countries, including local friends,” she says.   

The connections formed during the AMEP go beyond the classroom, creating a supportive community for Remi as she establishes herself in Australia.   

At Access Canberra, Remi sees her role as the initial step toward her aspirations. Having been a schoolteacher in Japan, she envisions continuing her passion in Australia. “I’d like to be a Japanese teacher in Australia as well. So that is my dream eventually, “she shares, illustrating her determination to contribute her skills to her new community.  

Remi’s journey with Navitas AMEP showcases how, beyond language proficiency, it has opened doors to employment opportunities, community integration, and a sense of belonging.

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