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Harmony Week at NSF colleges & communities

By Fiona West | March 26, 2024

Harmony Week is always one of the most joyful, colourful celebrations at Navitas Skilled Futures colleges, and this year was no exception. Students and staff from diverse countries, cultures, backgrounds, and circumstances came together to celebrate their differences and acknowledge the contribution migrants and refugees make to Australia’s multicultural community.

The theme of Harmony Week, held this year from March 18 to 24, was ‘Everyone Belongs’.


In partnership with Multicultural Affairs Centre and Fairfield City Council, NSF hosted a Harmony Day event Fairfield called ‘Celebrating Diversity and Building Social Cohesion’. This free event, open to the whole Fairfield Community, was attended by students from three NSF classes and Stakeholder Engagement Manager Basim Shamaon was a guest speaker, along with Tahera Nassrat, CEO and founder of Afghan Peace Foundation (pictured below). The day included “lots of good food and live music” from a range of cultures.

At Fairfield College all students had the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of organised activities, hosted by students from the high-level classes. Two students from Burma and Vietnam shared their settlement stories; others sang and played musical instruments, celebrating music from Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Ukraine, Russia, Cambodia and Syria. The day was capped off with a fashion parade, music and dancing.


Students at Bankstown College celebrated Harmony Day by engaging in an art competition. Each class produced amazing work which decorated the classroom walls. The artwork was judged and the winners were Marian and Tim’s classes, who will enjoy a lunch provided to them after Ramadan.

Auburn & Parramatta

Students at Auburn and Parramatta colleges also celebrated Harmony Day with an art competition. The winning class was Esther’s class from Auburn. They will have a lunch provided to them after Ramadan as the prize.

Liverpool & Campbelltown

Liverpool and Campbelltown students celebrated Harmony Day by sharing their stories and working on class and college displays. With guidance, they used Canva, an online graphic design tool, to create creative content. Most of the students learned how to use this tool in just one hour! Joined by Sara and Rhea from MAX Employment, the students showcased their skills and talents in a range of artistic areas, including musical performances and traditional crafts.


Canberra College students celebrated Harmony Day with a poster competition. They created beautiful posters now displayed on classroom walls, promoting an appreciation for Australia’s multiculturalism. The winning class received a gift card for their class activity fund.

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