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100% success and satisfaction at hospital Foundation Skills pilot program

By Fiona West | September 15, 2021

The overwhelming success of a pilot training course for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) staff at a Western Sydney hospital has resulted in the demand for three more courses in the same local health district.

Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital recently engaged Navitas English to run a trial Foundation Skills For Your Future (FSFYF) course with a range of staff members, including general service staff, security staff and customer service representatives.

The 20-week tailored training program – run face-to-face over two hours a day, four days per week onsite at the hospital – targeted language, literacy and numeracy skills.

More than 70 per cent of the participants opted to take part in the free government-funded course to feel more confident at work. And a final survey of those participants showed 100 per cent reported feeling more confident with their language, numeracy and literacy skills because of the course.

Data from the executive summary of the hospital project showed participants’ improvement in these skills was “quite remarkable”, with every single participant assessed against the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) completing and achieving competence in four nationally accredited Foundation Skills units – numeracy, reading, writing and oral communication.

“This speaks to the high level of participant motivation fostered in the course, and people with intrinsic motivation to study display higher levels of self-determination and effort,” the report stated

Data collected from participant surveys showed 100 per cent of students were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with all elements of the course, including the amount of time provided to learn new skills, facilities and equipment, quality of course materials and content and convenience of training location.

As well as three formal surveys – at the start, mid-way and end of the course – participants provided continuous informal feedback to their trainer including the following:

  • “My reading has improved so much”
  • “I am more confident to read and understand workplace documents”
  • “I can participate better in staff meetings”
  • “People have noticed that I can express myself more clearly”
  • “I am so much more confident to speak publicly now”
  • “My trainer is wonderful and knows what I need”
  • “Other staff at the hospital would benefit from the course”

Feedback from Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital management about the course content and outcomes was also excellent. Managers noted the increased confidence, participation and inclusion of their CALD staff members as the course progressed.

The executive summary report stated the “huge success” of this hospital pilot course could not have been possible without the good planning, communication, support and commitment. 

“There was excellent planning and support from the hospital management and administration, along with open lines of communication with Navitas management,” the report said.

“The Navitas trainer built a strong rapport with the participants and created a positive and safe learning environment. Finally, the participants were committed, dedicated and worked hard to achieve their learning outcomes.”

Notice: On 1 December 2021, Navitas English changed its name to Navitas Skilled Futures. This name change reflects our programs, the focus of our work, and our positive impact on the people we serve. Find out more here.

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